Your Oral and General Health Can Be Improved with Dental Visits

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While the rule of thumb is that dental visits should happen every six months, our dentist may recommend that you schedule dental checkups more frequently if certain health conditions are affecting the quality of your smile. We want to emphasize the importance of dental visits and their impact on your oral and general health.

There are times that you should not delay visiting the dentist, such as when you are feeling dental pain or suffered a damaged tooth. Similarly, we encourage you to notify Dr. Harrison Keith III of any changes in your oral health, such as the development of tooth sensitivity, dentures that no longer fit or changes in the feel of your bite that aren’t explained. These seemingly minor situations could become severe over time and weaken your oral health.

Your oral health is closely linked to other systems in your body and can directly affect your overall wellbeing. For example, conditions such as gum disease have been linked through research to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health concerns. Even life changes such as a new prescription medication, pregnancy or a medical diagnosis could affect your oral health and should be mentioned to the dentist.

It’s also important for children to see a dentist after receiving their first tooth or around the time of their first birthday to ensure healthy oral development.

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