Toothache Tips and Pain Relief

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Often, toothaches are caused by tooth decay that has found its way deep into the pulp of the tooth, reaching the nerves.

In most instances, the dentist can see you right away, but on occasion, you may have wait a few days for your appointment.The discomfort can range from a sharp pain to a persistent throbbing. You’ll want some relief as soon as possible. So what can you do? Here are some temporary solutions to toothache pain.

-Benzocaine, often mixed with an antiseptic, can be administered directly to the tooth and gums without issue. (Note: Benzocaine has been connected to the rare but serious condition methemoglobinemia. Talk with your doctor prior to using it).
-Pain relievers such as aspirin are available without a prescription. Just don’t apply them directly to the gum tissue.
-Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can provide some relief.
-You can place an ice cube near the affected area.
-Some types of oils (clove, oregano) applied directly on the tooth with a soaked cotton ball have been used to provide homeopathic relief.
-Asafoetida from the roots of parsley plants is known to relieve toothache pain. Be warned, it is strong-smelling and tastes bitter to the taste.

Talk to your dentist about any methods you plan to use to relieve discomfort.

In most cases of toothache, our dentist will be able see you immediately. If you are suffering from a toothache, you should have it treated by Dr. Harrison Keith III. Please contact our office to make an appointment at 910-763-8129, or come by our office in Wilmington, North Carolina.