Tooth Health: Four Foods That Can Harm Your Teeth

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You can help your teeth stay healthier and stronger by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, along with seeing your dentist regularly for professional cleanings.

Keeping plaque-the bacterial film that coats teeth and gums-away will help you fight tooth decay and gum disease. This is particularly important for those molars and premolars in the back of the mouth which are often hardest to reach and clean effectively.

Bu the foods you eat can also affect the health and condition of your teeth, and today we are going to name four foods that are can harm your pearly whites.

#1 Hard candies: Hard candies aren’t just bad for you because they are filled with sugar, but their consistency can damage your tooth enamel and result in fractures or chips. To avoid this, you might want to switch to chewing sugarless gum carrying the ADA Seal of approval, as they are proven to be safe on your teeth.

#2 Ice: Unfortunately, ice is a lot like hard candy when it comes to tooth safety. Even though there’s no sugar in it, it’s hardness can still harm your tooth enamel. We recommend drinking your water, instead of chewing it and accidentally harming your teeth!

#3 Sticky foods: You would think that foods like dried fruit are healthy for you, but the fact is, they are sticky and sugary and feed your oral bacteria while getting stuck on the tooth’s surfaces. After eating any sticky foods, be sure to rinse well and brush and floss carefully to remove any oral residue.

#4 Starchy foods: Much like sticky foods, starchy foods feed oral bacteria and become trapped between the teeth. Limit foods like chips and pretzels, and take the time to rinse well after eating, and brushing and flossing thoroughly to protect your teeth.

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