Learn More About Dry Mouth

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Dry mouth is condition that occurs when there is an inadequate saliva flow in your mouth. It can leave you susceptible to several oral health risks This is because dry mouth limits your saliva production. Saliva hydrates your mouth provides disease-fighting substances and even neutralizes harmful acids that could potentially lead to dental erosion. Because of this, you should always make sure you take steps to address the causes of dry mouth including medications you may be taking. If you have questions about your medication, speak with your doctor and your dentist.

Dry mouth can increase your risk for gum disease, sore throat, trouble breathing and swallowing and chewing food properly. However, even though you may be suffering from dry mouth, it’s not always linked issues with your mouth or products you are using. An autoimmune disease Sjogren’s Syndrome can also produce dry mouth. This disease attacks your salivary glands.

Your smile and your oral health care can receive a boost with dry mouth care. If you would like to visit our dental office in Wilmington, North Carolina, you can book an exam by calling us at 910-763-8129. Dr. Harrison Keith III and our entire team look forward to providing you with the dry mouth care you need.