Is Gum Disease Threatening Your Smile?

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Did you know that gum disease, while very common is also preventable in the early stages? People with advanced periodontal disease can succumb to gum recession, their teeth loosening and falling out if this condition is left untreated.

The culprit is dental plaque, which is that bacterial biofilm that coats the teeth, tongue, and gums if it is not removed daily. As bacteria infects the gum tissue, pockets form as the gums pull back from the teeth. It can even cause the supportive bone to be lost!

How do you know if you have gum disease? If you have changes in your bite and how your teeth fit; loose teeth, bad breath (or taste) in the mouth that won’t go away, gum tissue pulling away from teeth, gums that bleed and swollen or red gums in the mouth. All of these signs should be taken seriously and you should see your dentist.

Your dentist will evaluate the condition of your gums and determine what is happening. You may need to be seen more frequently for routine dental cleanings, receive a deep cleaning or step up your oral hygiene habits at home. You may be prescribed an antibiotic to clear up the infection, and even gum surgery if the damage is severe.

Our experienced team is ready to help you take back your smile from the ravages of gum disease. Dr. Harrison Keith III has multiple solutions to offer you to rebuild your smile and your oral health. If you would like to know more about our periodontal therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina, we invite you to call 910-763-8129 to schedule a consultation with our experienced dental team!